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06 Mar : 12:43
Sorry all but the reservoir has been drained for this weekend so we will be back on the water next week, please let everyone know. Many Thanks Lance

04 Mar : 10:44
Hello bud, not started it yet but it will be ready for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be good for the weekend.

03 Mar : 16:58
Hi Lance how are you? Just wondering how my Revolt is looking.

01 Mar : 19:58
which boat is a work of art bud???

01 Mar : 12:24
Always best to try and keep a boat on the water. That boat is a work of art.

27 Feb : 23:43
Cheers for the thought Liam, I ordered one yesterday from the Germany and it will be here next week and might be back flat out in a couple of weeks buddy, might see you on the water soon mate. T
hanks again young-man

27 Feb : 23:20
I will try to find a new lid for your boat if you don't want to wait for the water to go down.

25 Feb : 20:20
ThunderTiger Desperado OBL buddy, after it being wet last weekend we hope to be on the water this weekend fingers crossed!!! cheers Liam

25 Feb : 19:10
Lance what was the name of your boat that lost it's lid when it tipped over?

25 Feb : 18:15
Hi Lance just to say I will try to pop down this weekend.
How are You most importantly.

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