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27 Nov : 16:16
Only three polys today all went well with a good wind, but cold then off for coffee and chat,hope to see more polys next week Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

26 Nov : 20:35
Hope to do poly pipes this week chaps la braye 10.30 ish thursday Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

25 Nov : 23:20
any sign of your new baby toy yet Sam????? I will pop down tomorrow or Thursday, what time would be best???

24 Nov : 11:58
A few of us nutters were out playing in the heavy rain. Not one of our better ideas lol! report in the forums soon

23 Nov : 10:48
The rain has stopped :o

22 Nov : 20:02
I will be on the water tomorrow at 1.30ish rain, s@>?t, or shine. See you on the water

22 Nov : 09:18
we could always split with a junior hack saw.

21 Nov : 18:36
yes bud, i gave derek a ring and he said he would sort it for us, had a bad week so got nothing done and not been out. I will be on the water this weekend at 1.30ish bud.

21 Nov : 14:43
Hi Lance did you manage to sort out the pad lock and chain

20 Nov : 14:01
thanks to Sammy for martins servo and good to see the fast boats on the biggest and best pond in jersey,Weeeeeeeeeee

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